Thursday, March 12, 2009

Be well my boys!

Salams... if you're reading this, you're witnessing history... for this is my very first blog entry ever in my life... I was supposed to be the co-contributor to Selayang Pandang since Day 1 (but never had the time to do it) to share my thoughts and ideas rather than keeping Miss Honey awake just to so that someone listens to my hyperactive brains churning one issue after another...

Now, call me a sentimental old fool if you wish for sharing this song as my first entry by one of my favourite singers of all time - Yusuf Islam @ Cat Stevens... Father and Son... it's about fatherly advice I wish my father had given me, and things that could have been handled differently if I had the same advice, and the kind of advice that I hope one day I would give to my sons, and the stuff i want to avoid doing to my sons... in short I want my boys to have what I wish my father had given me... err... sounds complex, innit??? well, it really is, and if you had a complex father-son relationship, you'd understand... which was the reason I was super-close to my late mother.

To my mother, I still dearly miss you... to my father, I love you Abah, no matter what... to my boys, Papa love you so much... you mean the world to me... to Hanny, thank you dear and I love you...

Enjoy the song... cos it may be months or even years before my next post... :)


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Jimmy Haikal said...

..alamakkk..bakal besan aku ni buat citer sedih lakk.. terharu aku.. anyway sejak2 aku jadik bapak ni baru laa aku paham sebab apa bapak aku tak penah nak pukul aku dolu-dolu..